Applicant getting error when logging in to apply?

Applicant getting error when logging in to apply?


If you have an applicant trying to apply for a job and getting an error message like, “An error has occurred that prevents this portion of your profile from being saved at this time, or you have logged out of the system. Please login again and try your task again” This means one of three ways they are signing in wrong. Please see examples below.



Example and explanation of the three options.


When they hit ‘Apply’ for a job, it asks them to sign in 1 of 3 ways:

  1. A) I am a new applicant. (They would use this option to sign in if they have never applied at this district before using Hire. Even if they applied 4,5,10 years ago they will need to start new depending on if they have profile in the application manager)
  2. B) I already have a Hire account with XYZ School. (If they have applied before your district and you can find their profile in application manager under ALL tab. If you can not see them in there, they would need to hit the first option New Applicant)

C) I want to transfer my account. (If they worked\applied for a different district that also uses Hire\Applicant tracking they can use this option. If they are using this option and it is giving an error, they would more than likely need to use the ‘New applicant’ option. Meaning their district does not use the same Hire site to transfer their information over)


If they are still getting an error after trying a new way of signing in they can call the Applicant support direct line at 1-877-974-7437!


I am trying to apply for a job and had attempted to apply months ago,  and now I am locked out of my email account with TDS Telecom and cannot get back in the system even after talking with tech support, they are having to go to their web site designer.     


I cannot get your system to allow me to apply because when I try to create a new account,  it picks up my social and won't allow me to go further , due to me already having an account.   

Hi @Jenniferh1974

I would recommend you clear your cache and cookies or switch to a different browser and try to log in to your account. You can also refer to this article:  How-Do-I-Recover-My-Username-and-or-Password and reset your password and try to log in.


If you still don't work, I recommend you work with the PowerSchool Support team through a case and have them assist you with the recovery of your account. You can reach out to them by clicking on this link.



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