How Do I Recover My Username and/or Password?

If you can’t remember your username or password, please read the following carefully.


On the login page, click “Having trouble logging in” and enter your current email address. This takes a few seconds, so be patient. Three things can happen after entering your current email address:



Option 1

We find an account based on your current email address, and security questions are set up. If so, you’ll be prompted to answer the security questions, create a new password and be taken directly into your account. Passwords need to be 8 characters long and are case sensitive.




Option 2

We find your account but security questions are not yet set up. You’ll be instructed to select an account and click “Send Recovery Email.” An email with recovery instructions will be sent to your email.




Option 3

You no longer have access to the email associated with the account, so we don’t find any account. You’ll be asked to click the Send Recovery Email, but when you click it, you get this error:

A problem has occurred!

The e-mail address does not match an existing user. Please check your e-mail address and try again. If you still need assistance, please click here.

Please allow up to 48 business hours for password reset requests.