Special Programs PowerUps - Mananging Data and Security

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Special Programs PowerUps - Mananging Data and Security

Published on ‎03-14-2024 12:54 PM by PowerSchool Team | Updated on ‎05-09-2024 01:34 PM

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Topic-Managing Data and Security

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Thu, May 9, 2024 11:00 AM PDT
Thu, May 9, 2024 12:00 PM PDT
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PowerSchool Team

We welcome you to join us on May 8, 2024 for the next Special Programs PowerUp. 


Managing Data and Security Agenda


  • Platform Release Highlights
  • Managing Security In Special Programs
  • Administrator’s Best Practices
  • Staff Security Groups
    • Planning and Managing
    • Creating and Organizing Security Groups
    • Copy Existing Security Group
  • Managing Access
    • Assigning Properties/Privileges
  • Document Template Security
    • Update Document Template Security for a Security Group
    • Update Document-Wide and Section Rights
    • Updating Security for a Document Category
    • Updating Security for a Document Template
    • Update Template Field Properties
  • Audit Log
  • Profile Security
  • Reporting Security

Unless you are a classroom teacher who has classes to teach as this is always in the middle of the day. Even if you are also a district Schoology Admin and expert user.

All PowerUps recordings, slide deck and resources are posted to PowerSchool Community after the live session for anyone who is unable to attend in person. 

Since you are giving the stock response I will give my stock reply. You can't ask a recording questions.

PowerSchool Team

You are more than welcome to email me robyn.skidmore@powerschool.com with any questions you may have after viewing the recording. 

Thank you for responding as someone who represents PS/SGY. I really don't have questions on this particular webinar as it is more in the purview of our tech director.


As for webinars about Schoology, I still stand by the fact that if PS wants educator feedback to actually improve the product, those webinars should be held outside of the teaching day.