How can parents/students see grades?


How can parents/students see grades?


My school recently switched to the Powerschool SIS for our student database. We also use PowerTeacher Pro for report cards. I want to enter my grades in the SIS gradebook so it auto-generates the grades. However, I can't find a way to show my students and parents grades throughout the semester. I used to use Powerschool Haiku Learning LMS/gradebook so parents could check on their student's progress. I've considered going back to that. However, that means I need to re-enter grades (and there's no option to make assignments cross-curricular). 


I asked my administrator and I was told that feature is turned off. Apparently the primary elementary teachers don't want that same transparency. I was told to try sending my parents reports so they can see that update. However, the report never went through. Any suggestions? I'd hate to have to input all my grades twice for no reason.

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Your PowerSchool admin can turn on the parent portal for just you students and parents if they are so inclined. It sounds like they have chosen to to fully utilize the program features. We turned on student and parent access six weeks after implementing the program over 20 years ago and have never regretted it. 


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Good to know! It's turned off for my whole school. I'm trying to convince my admin to turn it back on because it seems like a wonderful feature. I'll let them know they can turn it on individually as well. Thank you!!


You don't mention what grade you teach, but I've heard of many (ours included) Elementary Schools that do not want parents / students being able to see grades and assignments. The district can turn on that capability by school. 

I will say, if this is your District's first year with PowerSchool, depending on the amount of personnel available to assist with all of the intricacies of setup and maintenance, "flipping the switch" to turn on Parent / Student portal is more involved than they may be able to accommodate.  

I would definitely encourage you to utilize the PTP grade book, you should be able to run student reports and at the very least print and hand them to students or let parents know if they are curious / concerned, they can reach out for specifics. 

Hope that helps.