Tackle the Challenges Facing HigherEd with PeopleConnect Live Keynote Speakers

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Tackle the Challenges Facing HigherEd with PeopleConnect Live Keynote Speakers


We're thrilled to announce our inspiring keynote speakers for PeopleConnect Live


Morris Morrison - "Disrupt Yourself"


Morris Morrison’s ideas about change in your marketplace will inspire you to be more open to disruption and give insights that you can take back to your team to compete in your marketplace and in the war for talent. This keynote program will give you the spark that you need to reimagine your “signature impact” on your organization, find the energy to do more with less, and push through challenges to better serve your customers!


Candace Doby - "Courage at Work: Helping Leaders Own Their Brilliance" 


Now more than ever, organizations need leaders to act with courage. They need leaders who are willing and able to take worthwhile risks, navigate through uncertainty, and own their brilliance in order to position their businesses for growth in a constantly shifting world. When many professionals consider potential failure or rejection in the workplace as outcomes, they can find it difficult to choose courage — opting instead for safety and limited growth. In this presentation, speaker, author, and coach Candace Doby helps audience members get courage ready. She takes them through a process to help them discover what’s stopping them from stepping outside of their comfort zone at work and understand how to begin dismantling those barriers so they can move themselves and their organizations forward.




Register to join us August 2-4 in San Diego, CA: https://peopleadmin.com/peopleconnect-live-2022/