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The dashboard is the main page of the app. It contains widgets of all features that have been enabled within your district. The GPA will display at the top and has a “tracker” using stars to show the student’s progress within the GPA.

  1. Class Overview, including the term, which will show the student’s full class schedule and the current grade.
  2. Assignments Due shows upcoming assignments, their due date, and the type of assignment.
  3. Assignments Graded, will show the five most recent assignments and their grade. You can select “show all” to expand the menu on another page to show all graded assignments.
  4. Assignment Status will show missing, incomplete, and late
  5. Attendance is where you can see all excused and unexcused absences, as well as tardies and for which class the student was late or absent.
  6. School Bulletin will show any communications the district has chosen to notify parents.
  7. Meal Balance & Fees is where you can see the student’s meal balance and any fees they may owe.



          The Classes tab will show the student’s full schedule for the school year, split up by quarters or semester (depending on the district setup). From the individual terms, you can select a class. This will open another page that will show the teacher information and allow you to e-mail the teacher directly.

          From this individual class page, you can also see the current grade, absences, assignments, and standards associated with the course.




          The Calendar page allows you to see the current month, with all assignments marked on the day for which they are due. You can select a day to see which assignment is due and look at past days to see the grades for the assignments submitted.



          The Schedule page allows you to see the daily class schedule for the student with class timings and room number.



          The Account page allows you to sign out, choose your notification preferences, and switch to any student profiles. Here, you can also see which e-mail is associated with the account.



          From More, you can see the School demographic information (location and contact information), Help, which has some tips and FAQs, and About. About will give you areas to submit feedback, contact Mobile Support, share the Privacy Policy, and show you the current version.


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