student contact page is telling me to clear any duplicate numbers...can't submit application


student contact page is telling me to clear any duplicate numbers...can't submit application

I'm trying to register my 3 kids for school & going through to update (although there really are no updates) info for my kids before submitting forms.  On the student emergency contact page it is telling me to delete any duplicate phone numbers & the field will clear when I do that.  The field does not clear, so it looks like I am leaving information blank so I can't submit the forms.  I tried to leave as is, but get an error b/c of duplicate information.  I tried to delete & re-add contacts, but it won't let me & I get an error message.  Am SO frustrated b/c 1. I don't have time for this. 2. My kids are in 8th, 10th & 11th grade in the same district they've always been school already has this information so am putting in too many hours to get them information they already have 😕  Any thoughts about what to do now would be appreciated.

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I'm sorry you are experiencing difficulties submitting your children's registration forms.  There are two options I recommend to submit the registration form.  


  • Reach out to the PowerSchool Enrollment Support Team for assistance removing the second phone number field in the Emergency Contact section and submitting the registration forms.  A case can be created with the PowerSchool Enrollment Support Team using this direct link.
  • You can change a number in the second phone number field, submit the forms, then reach out to the school to request the second phone number is removed from your children's account in the school's Student Information System.

While these two options should assist in submitting the registration forms, I strongly recommend reaching out to the Enrollment Support Team so we can ensure the information within the form is submitted correctly and we can look into any issues removing fields within the registration forms.