Durham Public School Returning Student Registration

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Durham Public School Returning Student Registration

I received an email this week to register my 5th grader (at same, and only school he's attended). He's already in Poweschool, so proceeded to "option 2" of the email called "Option 2 Snapcode Instructions:"


The instructions are incorrect. 


It says to "Visit www.dpsnc.net and select the Registration link."


and "Then, enter your student’s snapcode: [code given in email]


Sounds good. Well, click on the link and it takes you to the main DPS website. There is no "Registration link". So, you fumble around for more time that you want to admit, and then go to the site map link at the bottom of homepage. You finally realize that there is a sub-navigation under "Enrollment" for "Grades 1-12 Enrollment" and you go to that page, and there are no links except to locate your school on a map.


So, I went back to my son's page on Powerschool. Happened to see a "Returning Student Registration" tab, 2nd from bottom on left side of page. Great. So, I filled out that info (mostly already filled in from previous year) and submitted it. 


Still no use for the snapcode I received. No place to enter that. So, assuming I didn't even need that.


What should have taken about 5 minutes with proper instructions in the email has taken me close to an hour.


Hoping this post will save others of wasting their time on a simple task.


Thank you.

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Community Support Expert
Community Support Expert

Hi @psergison,


We thank you for sharing this information with us in PowerSchool Community!


We have reached out to the Enrollment team and shared this feedback with them.  They will be reaching out to the School and work with them to improve the experience.


We appreciate your activity in PowerSchool Community!

PowerSchool Community Support Expert

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