Can't Enroll to K. Electronic Signature marked as wrong


Can't Enroll to K. Electronic Signature marked as wrong

I fill out all the forms of Enrollment and uploaded all requirement document. But on final page "Review & Submit" I see two Electonic Signature section marked as wrong:

The electronic signature below and its related fields are treated by Mountain View Whisman School District like a handwritten signature on a paper form.


Therefore, button Submit is grayed out.

I did try every possible combination. But it still doesn't work. 

BTW, related field "Date" is unclear. What the date is it? Date of signing or Date of Birthday?

However, I tried all dates and still there.

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I am sorry you are unable to submit the registration form to the school district. This could be caused by a required field that is missing information or a field with information entered in an invalid format. 


Commonly overlooked fields are the information associated with student's pick up details such as selecting whether the contact on the form can pick up the student or not. I also recommend reviewing the setting of the priority of each contact.  I recommend reviewing the article provided below that should guide you through the process of setting a priority for each contact: 


Priority page Error Message

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