Transfer class grades for entire class

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Transfer class grades for entire class

Is there a way to transfer an entire class with grades from one section to another?

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You can move your class from one section to another from the Teacher Schedules on the admin side. You would need to create a new section, then enroll the students in it. Then move any attendance if you are backdating to the beginning of school. Then drop the students from the original section. Then you can transfer the grades.


I recommend reviewing these screenshots for the process to move your students from one section to another.








* Enroll into Different Class: This option will keep the students in this section but also enroll them into another section

* Drop from this class: This option will drop the selected students from this section and/or drop them and enroll into another section


Drop from this class will take you to this page where you can decide which one they want to do






If you are using Powerteacher Pro, once the class and students have been rescheduled the teacher can transfer the grades to the new class by following the instructions in this article.


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