Specialized Grading for Standards Based Grading.

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Specialized Grading for Standards Based Grading.

Dear Power School,

Our department has elected to use a set of rules to determine final grades for Standards Based Grading. Is there anyway to make this grading automated within PowerSchool? For example, is it possible to program a set of rules like you might in Python, C++, or Excel?

A: >50% with a 4. No 2's or 1's.

B: >50% with a 3 or 4. <25% with a 2. No 1's.

C: >50% with a 3 or 4. >25% with a 2. No 1's.

😧 <50% with a 3 or 4. No 1's.

F: The student has a 1 score.

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@sikhanegi  You would accomplish this by setting up a new grade scale at the district level.    If you are unfamiliar with this process you should start with this document .

Grade scales can be setup to grade using Standard scores or Traditional Grades and they can be setup to your needs.   Once the grade scale is setup you can attach it to a Course or Section. However, you want to do this prior to the gradebook being populated with assignments or scores otherwise your results could be very unpredictable and affect all assignments and scores in the gradebook.   I have setup a grade scale for evidence based grading that we have attached to only certain sections of classes as all the rest use traditional grading.     I will attach a screenshot of my grade scale setup so you can see the parameters.    


Note how in the gradescale you have columns for Teacher Gradebook Values . It will pull the percentages from the gradebook and grant the grade based on the cutoff values .    The Teacher will have to setup their Gradebook Calculations based on standard scores . They will do this in the Settings - Standards Grade Calculations . 


The Gradescale is not going to be able to calculate a letter grade based on the percentage and the standard score.  So the Teacher will have to calculate a percentage in her gradebook . The Gradescale will then convert that percentage to a Grade.   However your gradescale will have to have clear cut offs for the grades which  can't be done based on the combination you have in the scale. 


> 50 is an A if it is only 3 & 4 scores

> 50 is a B if the number of 2s are < 25% 

>50 is a C if the number of 2s  are > 25% 

< 50 is a D if only a 3 & 4 score 

any 1 score is an F 


Are you planning to store final grades for this course or are they attaching standard scores to standards in Powerschool and printing the standards on a report card?  








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With a grade scale like your example, would that allow the teacher to enter the standard grade in the assignment column and the percent grade associated with that standard grade would populate the final grade column?