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Power School OIDC

Good Day Everyone,


Am struggling to configure power school single sign-on (Open ID Connect), am configuring this through Azure Active Directory. the authentication process goes through but it lend to a PowerSchool page that says its unauthorized all the time

HTTP Status 401 – Unauthorized (powerschool.com)




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I have been trying to get in touch with support team for help with SSO, can I please get help from support team


Hi! @Moshe 


To provide better assistance, would you please share more details on the difficulties that you are experiencing with SSO?

Muskan Sehar

PowerSchool Community Moderator

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@MuskanS Good Day,


Thanks for your response, I have configured Power School to use Open ID Connect through Azure Active Directory.

When a user go to our FQDN, they are redirected to a Microsoft logon page where they can authenticate using their O365 credentials.


It authenticate successfully, however instead of taking the user to PowerSchool after authenticating it then take them to an authorized page


Hi @Moshe 


Thank you for providing more details.


A common reason that can cause the HTTP 401 error is the mismatch of credentials between the Provider and PowerSchool SIS.


You can learn more about it here.


If you continue to face difficulty, please report the issue to a Designated Support Contact in the organization.  They can work with PowerSchool SIS support to determine the cause of the issue.

Bishal G.
PowerSchool Community Support Expert
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I ran into this issue and support showed me the solution in my case.


Find the teacher that is having this issue and click on their account. This should open a URL something like:




Change the URL to be the following by replacing frn= with mcr=




This displays the teacher's record in the database. Check to make sure TeacherLDAPEnabled is set to 1. If it is set to 0, then use DDA to update the record and set TeacherLDAPEnabled to 1.


This solved the issue for me.



Tks RolandP

I was facing the same problem but with Google. The cause of the problem Error 401 for Teachers , was the same. Just setting teacher field :TeacherLDAPEnabled =1 Fixed the error.

Thanks for share..!


Am trying to authenticate power school through Azure Active Directory SSO, I don't know where to find the Signature hash key (SHA1) for android and Bundle Id for Ios

Community Support Expert
Community Support Expert

Hi @Moshe,


The setup directions for PowerSchool SIS using Azure as OIDC IDP should provide you with all the steps for the setup. Signature HASH keys should be exchanged in the app on OIDC handshake and be needed for the setup.


Hope this helps with your setup.

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