Issue uploading assignments in Schoology


Issue uploading assignments in Schoology

Apologies if this is the incorrect place to ask this question. I've been struggling for a few weeks and I'm desperate. We are a middle school that used PowerSchool Learning for our SLS. This past summer, we moved to Schoology because one company acquired the other.


Some students are unable to upload documents in order to submit assignments. The upload window appears "glued" to the left side of the screen.  It can't be dragged to the center, and zooming out only makes everything smaller. The upload window remains "glued" on the left, with half of the window invisible.  (See image below)


My technician has tried to troubleshoot, and we're both at a loss. It's only a few students, but frustrating to those it affects.  It doesn't matter what size screen is being used, and the problem recurs on a MacBook air laptop, a mac mini desktop and a Dell Inspiron PC.



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Community Support Expert

Hi @zimmermanv,


Thank you for reaching out to the PowerSchool Community!


You mentioned in your post that this might be the incorrect place to ask a question. The Community forum is available to you for questions, however, you can get your posts in front of other Schoology teachers by posting in the Schoology Teacher Forum.


This article will guide you through the steps to get access to the Schoology Teacher Forum. Once you complete that setup, feel free to post your question there or respond on this post and we can move the post for you.


I hope this helps you get the most from the PowerSchool Community!

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