Graduated students not showing in the state aimsportal


Graduated students not showing in the state aimsportal

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My name is Vicki Lewis. I am the HS Counselor at Horseshoe Bend School. I have a couple of students that are showing graduated in PowersSchool, but not on the ALSDE Aimsportal. These students are unique in that one graduated in the summer of 2021 (Maya Daniel) and the other graduated in December 2021 (Chandler McMath). I'm fairly certain there is a switch to flip or box to check, but I can't seem to find it.  Any help would be greatly appreciated!  The deadline to correct this issue is tomorrow!


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Vicki Lewis

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Community Support Expert
Community Support Expert

Hi @vlewis,


I found similar cases with graduates not going to aimsportal as graduates. Below are some items that were resolutions. Would you please see if any of these help your resolution? 


1. Seniors were exited with G01 instead of G.

2. Change grade level from 13 to 99.


The resolution is dependent on your various code setups and how you have coded your mid-year graduates. If you are still having trouble getting them to sync to aimsportal, we should take a closer look to determine the differences with your codes. We recommend you submit a support ticket through the Case Portal so that our PowerSchool SIS support exports can help in troubleshooting the issue.


This article will guide you with the steps for creating a case. You might need to work with your district PowerSchool Support Admin to submit a support ticket.


If we can continue to help, please let us know!


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