Dashes on Student attendance


Dashes on Student attendance

hi, am an admin in a school that uses powerschool sis. having problem with attendance of some students. My teachers could not enter student's attendance because, the attendance have dashes on it. HOw can I remove those dashes as an admin (VP)



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PowerSchool Mentor
PowerSchool Mentor

When you see dashes for student attendance it is because the student was not enrolled in the class for that day or there was no school that day.  To adjust attendance for those days you would need to make sure the section enrollment dates were accurate for that student.  

Jason Bengs, M. Ed
SIS/Database Administrator

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I’m experiencing the same issue. The student in question transferred to a different school within the district mid year. All of the enrollment dates line up but the dashes are still there. The attendance can be corrected if I go in through daily but not meeting.