How do I update my TeacherMatch/IntelliGlance profile?

Please take the following steps to make changes to your profile and application information:


Log in to your TeacherMatch account at


You will then be directed to your Dashboard. Click on the “Portfolio” tab in the blue navigation bar along the top of the page. Here you can add to or change any of the information and it will reflect in all your applications.




If you are adding or editing an academic degree, certification/license, reference, video link, employment experience, involvement, or honor/award, please be sure to select “Save Section” after inputting each item.



If you upload a new document (such as resume, transcript, proof of certification, or letter of recommendation), any document that you have previously uploaded in that place will be replaced by the newly uploaded document.


Be sure to click the green “Save & Continue” button on the bottom of whichever page you have edited to ensure that all edits are saved.




When a school or district administrator views your profile, he or she will only see the most recently updated version of your information. These updates are reflected even if you submitted your application a long time ago, and even if the job posting has expired.


As you edit your profile, please note that there are aspects of your application that you may not edit once they are submitted and these include: Educator’s Professional Inventory (EPI) and Job Specific Inventory (JSI – if required). Once you have submitted these sections of your profile/application, they are finalized in the system


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