I Timed Out of the EPI. How Can I Avoid an Additional Time Out?


Please ensure that you are using a compatible browser when taking your assessment – Google Chrome or Firefox are recommended.


If you are using a compatible browser, and you are continuing to have issues, please return to the login page and click on the red “Test Your Setup” button. Clicking on this button will automatically check our site requirements against your computer. If your computer setup is compatible  with our site you will see four green check marks in the “Test Your Setup” option, then delete your cookies and clear cache, refresh your browser, and log in again to your TeacherMatch account.


This should prevent future time outs.


Prior to re-entering the assessment, please keep in mind the following rules of the EPI:


  • Each question in the EPI has a stipulated time limit of 75 seconds, and you must respond to each question within its stipulated time limit.
  • You are not able to skip questions.
  • You must answer all of the questions in one sitting.
  • Make sure that you have at least 90 minutes of uninterrupted time to complete the EPI.
  • Make sure that you have a stable and reliable internet connection.
  • Do not close your browser or hit the “back” button on your browser.

Failure to follow the rules of the EPI will result in another time out, and future resets will not be permitted for six months.


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