How do I complete an incomplete application?

Often applicants think they have a complete application, but they do not.


1. Log in to SearchSoft, then click “My Application” on the top left. Click the application checker, pictured below.








2. You’ll see a list of all the application sections that are missing information, pictured below. Click on a blue hyperlink next to a section to go to that section. Fill in your missing information and click “Save and Next.”



3. Return to the application checker and repeat this process for all fields with a blue hyperlink.


4. When your application is complete, you’ll receive a “Data entry requirement met” message. This indicates you can begin applying for jobs.


If you log out of an incomplete application, you will automatically receive an email that lists all of the missing required fields on your incomplete application.


Note: When completing your application, don’t forget to check your Application Type to make sure the options you have checked match the types of positions for which you plan to apply. For example, if you are applying for a Certified job, you will need to make sure that on your General Information page, you have “Certified” selected next to the application type. Overlooking this step could prevent you from successfully submitting your application.



Watch how the Required Fields Checker works in Action!

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