How-To: Apply for a job using SearchSoft


How to apply for a Job using SearchSoft?



Completing the application is only step #1. You need to apply for positions directly.


1. After completing the application and confirming your Application Type fields are correct, click the “Jobs” tab then “All Jobs” to locate you to locate open jobs.

2. Next to the job in which you are interested, click the View/Apply button.



3. To submit your application for this job, click the Apply for this Job button.




You will receive an email confirming your application for this position. You may also review which jobs you’ve applied for under the Jobs tab by clicking on the Applied Jobs section.


**Consortium Applicants** If you have a section on your application to select locations, you will need to make sure that you have selected all the location(s) where you want to apply. There is generally a “Locations” or “Districts” page where these selections can be made. For instance, Alabama State Department of Education applicants who want to apply for positions within Baldwin County will need to select “Baldwin County” in Location preferences in order to view and apply for jobs posted there.









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