Why am I seeing a “You are not authorized to apply for this position” error message?



There are usually two reasons applicants receive this message.


Reason 1: Wrong Applicant Type

  1. Go to your application’s General Information tab (sometimes called Personal Information or Contact Information).
  2. Find the “Applicant Type” section. This is usually at the bottom or the top of the page. Click on Change Type.



3. Click on the box next to the job type for which you want to apply; a check mark will appear when the option is selected.capplicantype.png




















4. Click “Save and Next.”


5. Go back to the job posting and apply for the job.



Reason 2: Wrong Location Preference

If this doesn’t work, you may be receiving this error message because you’re attempting to apply for a position at a consortium and your Location preferences don’t match the job position. You need to find the page that handles your location preferences and make sure the district in question is selected. This page can often be called:


  • Locations
  • Districts
  • Where do you want to work?



If you log in and can’t view a job you’ve seen on the Job Board, follow the above steps to check your Applicant Type and Location preferences.


Click the video below to watch how to make these changes.