Unable to log in to SIS portal

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Unable to log in to SIS portal

I registered my child for school and had to complete a login and password. I can log in to the registration part of the public school system but I know there was a email from power school saying I was registered with my email. I attempted to "forgot password" but no email was ever sent. Thanks for any assistance.

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@aprilsgatlin   Each school district has a unique PowerSchool website. You will need to contact the district or school directly for assistance with logging into their portal. They can reset passwords if you need that assistance. 

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Ok called the school and got the ID and pass. It was accepted. So then tried to use it and nope. Not sure if it takes time to figure it out but I don't have patience. So did the redo pass and then "sent email" and nothing. any help

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Hi @aprilsgatlin 


Thank you for reaching out in the Community!  I am sorry you are facing difficulty logging in.


If you have not created a Parent Portal account, please refer to this article, How do I log into PowerSchool, to find the steps to setup up your account. The access ID and access ID Password helps link students to your Parent Portal account, it is not the same as your Parent Portal credentials. You will have to set those using the Create Account button on the Parent Portal page.


If you have already created an account, click on the forgot password button to reset your password. The steps mentioned in this article should help, Reset PasswordSince the Parent Portal accounts are managed and handled at the school district's end and are stored on their servers, you can also try reaching out to your school district directly who should be able to help you with a solution. 


This article, How can I find my District Code, should guide you on the process to obtain your District code if you are trying to log in to the PowerSchool SIS Mobile App.



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Dear April,


I had the same issue last year. You will not receive a reply email from PowerSchool SIS to reset your password due to security reasons, according to their disclaimer (weird since a reset link is provided). However, you will need to send an email directly to the Frankfort School District Help Support. It would be helpful of course to include your child's registered name and especially his/her Student ID number.


I got pretty quick response from Kathy, one of their Technology Support staff. I'm not sure if it will get the same reply from Kathy but my suggestion is to first send an email to the primary help support email address first. But I also include Kathy Graf's just in case. Good luck.


Once you get your username and password use the following link to sign-in PowerSchool SIS (different login website to PowerSchool Community).