2 kids from 2 different schools

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2 kids from 2 different schools

I have 2 kids that go to 2 different schools, I wanted to see if I can have their access information under the same login. I can't figure out how to do it. It would make it simple if we could have it like that. Help!
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Hi @adrex04,


If the two students attend schools that are part of the same school district, you should be able to link their information with your Parent Portal or PowerSchool SIS Mobile accounts.


You can learn more about the steps in the article linked below.

How to: Add a student to Parent Portal Account 

How can I add a second student to my parent account? 


If they are part of schools part of different districts, you will not be able to link their accounts to your Parent Portal account.  The functionality is currently not supported. You can learn more about it here.


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I have the same question, BUT my two students are from two DIFFERENT school systems.  One is in the public school district in my town and the other is in a Charter School.  I have them each in their own PowerSchool on the web.  However, I also have the PowerSchool app on my phone (an iPhone in case you need to know).  I feel the app is way easier to use than the web based site, so I want to be able to check the app for both my kids.  How do I do this?  I've looked all over the app and there is no "add student" to click.  The app is currently set up with my Public School child and I want to add the Charter School child.  Please help!

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@tiggerkm20 Unfortunately there is no way to do this without logging in and out when you switch each student. Only students with the same District Code can be added together. (This tells the app what server to connect to for the student information.)


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