Rosters in Learning are not syncing with PowerSchool SIS


Rosters in Learning are not syncing with PowerSchool SIS

Our rosters in Learning show linked to a course in the SIS. Under Manage Roster, sycn with source, the class shows successfully linked or "in sync." However, newly enrolled students are not included in the roster. Students can't see the class or submit work, obviously. Is there a way to manually force a sync? We use PS for our SIS, Unified, and Learning. Everything was working properly with linking/syncing last school year. And all other students show up fine. I believe it is just newly enrolled students into that section. Is there a live assist for just Learning? (I ended up in the wrong support group when I tried to do a live assist...)

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Lead Community Moderator

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This article will help walk through the understanding and process of syncing rosters from PowerSchool SIS to PowerSchool Learning.


If you are continuing to experience newly enrolled students not syncing to courses within PowerSchool Learning after reviewing the sync setup, I recommend reaching out to PowerSchool Learning Support so we can review your courses and particular student accounts to assist with the roster syncing successfully.

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