How to do quick export with a specify dates?


How to do quick export with a specify dates?

How to make a search of students record with a specific date range?

For example, we just did a quick report of all 7 -  8 graders at our school on August 15 just before school start. We got all the data we needed to create student Google Accounts and Email list for our 7  Principals. Then one week later we have 25 students transferred and 3 students dropped out. How to we use the search and quick export to specify date range to get these changes to upate student Google Accounts, Principal mailing list, and curriculum provider account pages like Mathia Math.


For example:

We need to kown what are the changes since August 15 to September 1st.

We need to know what grades and the schools that have these changes ( student added, student transferred, and student no longer active, etc.


Due to the Covid-19 crisis our IT team has shrink to 2 persons servincing about 3000 students in our seven schools, any tricks we can use to speed up our task will be extremely helpful.

Thanks! A thousand thanks!

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Hi @ssheung 


You can use the Search functions to seach fields such as entrydate and exitdate for specific dates or ranges. You can also use the function *asof, for instance *asof=5/20/2020 would give you kids active as of today.

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Thank you, Jeff! Your answer help a lot. Can you show how you would enter using function to specify date range. For example if I would like to have only the change in student enrollment between 9/01/2020 and 9/15/2020. Do I enter asof=9/01/2020-9/15/2020.  Many thanks


Hi @ssheung,


Thank you for reaching out for assistance through PowerSchool Community!


The *asof search command allows administrators to create a selection of Students enrolled at the currently selected school on a specific date. However, you can pull reports for both dates and you can compare the results. We have a great article on asof command, we recommend to review the knowledge base article here

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I'm going to suggest a couple of different routes - I find entry/exit dates are often unreliable due to people "back" dating things. (Like if a the registrar found out on a Friday that a student started another school on Monday - she might backdate the exitdate to earlier in the week or even a prior week making searches on exitdate sometimes incomplete)


1. Track the Rostering

Perhaps create a field (or find one you already use for this purpose) and track kids whose accounts are completed. That way you can do a search for students missing the account info each day to find anyone who has been newly added. There is a student email table, but we created another field that we could populate their account into that IT can use to do a quick search on and find all the kids who need accounts. (You could even make it a point to clear this field every so often for withdrawn kids and that would enable you to do a search on that field being NOT blank for any kids with a withdrawn enroll_Status)


2. Utilize a customization to notify of enrollments/withdraws

There is a customization plugin on Exchange called "Student Enrollment Email Notifications" that sends an email to an address you specify when someone is enrolled/re-enrolled/withdrawn. You could in theory set this up to a specific distribution group for IT so that you get a notice to withdraw kids. The one downside is that this customization is utilizing a test-email function in Powerschool, so it could (in theory) go away if they make a change to that.


Hope these help!




Using Power School, this is how I would do it.  From the Start Page.(Changing up the enter and exit dates of course)


To show students who have been transferred out: 




To show students who entered after the first day of school and are still enrolled: 



To show students who entered after the first day of school and are no longer still enrolled: 






Hope this helps!