How do I hide or consolidate current classes? (Basically limit view)

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How do I hide or consolidate current classes? (Basically limit view)



I'm a teacher, so it's possible I don't have permissions.  We're using Power School SIS, the first page that comes up when I login is "Current Classes" and then it lists all the classes I have for the year.  However, each class has two courses (one for each semester).  Is there a way for me to hide the 2nd semester classes? 


I've included images of the corners of my screen, I didn't want to do the whole thing because of some privacy.  The part that is blacked out is just my school name.  I figured including the menus I have access to may give insight into what permissions I have.  


Any insight is super appreciated. 








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Unfortunately the settings are system wide from the Admin side. 


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Hi Dan,


Could you direct me to where to change this on the Admin side? I have teachers asking for this too. I have not been able to find a setting for this.


Thank you,

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 @sarahkershaw & @cmartinez, You can try to use the setting Default Term Level at the district level following the listed steps


* Navigate through Start Page > District Setup > Miscellaneous


* Set the Default Term Level to the ''Shortest Possible'' and then again ask your teachers to replicate the issue and see if they are still seeing the classes for the terms that they do not want.



Please let me know if this helps or in case of further questions.



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Thank you but unfortunately, I already had that field set to "Shortest Possible". 




I am looking for something similar. A teacher requested previous terms (S1) to be hidden. I did find a plugin I used for hiding classes that do not give attendance and our teachers love this.