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This may be a stupid question, but I am very new to this program...


1.  After I create an assignment and a student submits it, can they see/open other students work, or am I the only one that can?


2.  Is there a way to frontload assignments now, then publish them when I want the students to work on them, or do I have to create the assignment at that time?

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Lead Community Moderator

Thank you for reaching out in the Community!


A student should only be able to view his or her work.  The student shouldn't have access to view other student's submissions.


Assignments are accessible within the Activities section once the assignment is created.  There are some processes that can limit the view for students to access the assignment.  The Assignment can be created in a class that is not published for student view and then copied to the class where students should complete the assignment once you would like the assignment to be accessible.

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