Schoology Known Issues (updated 21 June 2023)


Schoology Known Issues (updated 21 June 2023)

The following are either known issues or enhancement requests that have been reported reported by app developers or our Support teams.  If you are experiencing an issue below, you do not need to alert us.  Follow this post for updates on when these issues are resolved.  


Issue or Enhancement Request
More detail
Assignment & Grade Service (AGS) documentationCurrently, our developer docs link to the 1EdTech specification regarding AGS support. There are both required and optional aspects to this part of the specification and more detailed documentation is needed for Schoology app developers.In Progress
Best practices for migrating from LTI 1.1 to LTI 1.3Many companies are looking to upgrade their LTI 1.1 apps to LTI 1.3 and are looking for advice from Schoology Learning on the best approach for migrating existing customers from the old app to the new one.In Progress
Materials appear in reverse order

After importing LTI materials into a course in Schoology, the materials are listed in reversed order.

Scheduling for summer 2023
Due date custom parameter support

There have been requests to add Due Date support to LTI 1.3 Schoology custom parameters.

Being considered for summer 2023

Grade pass back for linked section is not behaving as expected

It is not clear how LTI is intended to work with courses that have linked course sections. Looking for better documentation on current expected behavior and enhancements to improve the experience.In Discovery

'Next' header link for pagination contains wrong page information

We are returning the wrong page # in our next header when it is included.In discovery

'Line item' field is missing therefore Schoology is not passing back gradebook info when copying content

Grades are not being passed back to Schoology in the ‘lineitem’ (singular) field therefore Assignment is being treated as a ‘non graded item’. In discovery


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We are also seeing unexpected behavior for retrieving course membership for courses with sections. It is only returning the membership for the first alphabetical section instead of the full course. Is there any documentation for using LTI with course sections?