How do I add TurnItIn as an LTI Tool in my domain?


 How do I add Turnitin Integration to my domain?




As a Domain Administrator, you a can add Turnitin to your PowerSchool Learning domain as an LTI Tool through the Applications area of the Domain Control.


Reach out to Turnitin

Before you get started, please have your Turnitin account administrator reach out to Turnitin directly through their Product Support Web Form. They will need to speak directly to Turnitin to discuss any necessary changes to your TII domain, and to request that LTI capabilities be enabled for your domain.

PowerSchool Learning and are now LTI 1.1 certified by IMS Global Learning Consortium - meaning you can easily create Turnitin Assignments in PowerSchool Learning Activities, then pass grades from Turnitin back to the PowerSchool Learning Gradebook. Please check out their LTI Integration FAQs for information on what is supported, what you can access from within external tools (like ours!) and more.


Add Turnitin as an LTI Tool

You can add Turnitin to PowerSchool Learning as an LTI tool through the Applications area of the Domain Control using our basic LTI Tool process. You will need the following information to associate your Turnitin domain with your PowerSchool Learning domain. The following credentials should be confirmed by Turnitin, but will take this basic form:

  • Host: Please select based on your location. UK Users will use the url: All other users will use the url:
  • Key: Your organizations 5-digit Turnitin Account ID
  • Secret: The Turnitin Secret Shared Key
  • Share Names with this Tool: Be sure to check this box.
  • Share Email Addresses with this Tool: Be sure to check this box. (Please Note: Students and Teachers must have a confirmed email address in PowerSchool Learning in order to use this integration.)



Make sure to Save your changes! Through the Manage Tool menu, you can also Add an Icon and Enable Turnitin as an Activity that will become available for all Teachers in your domain.


What does this look like for Teachers and Students? Find out how to add Turnitin LTI Activities to a class. Be sure to check out Turnitin's detailed breakdown of the Turnitin LTI Tool Instructor and Student Interfaces for more information!