Q.  How do I create Personal Standards?

A. Teachers can add Personal Standards to their account through the Standards area of any Manage Class menu, when adding Standards to any gradable item, or directly through their Standards Based Gradebook.

Adding Personal Standards through the Manage Class Menu 

  1. When in a class, click on Manage Class
  2. Select Standards from the menu

  3. Click the Select Standards button

  4. Scroll to the bottom and select Create Standard
  5. Add details
    • Standard Name:
    • Description:  this area lets you explain what the standard measures.  Standards Descriptions are visible to parents and students.

  6. Click Save and Add Another to keep going, or Save if you are finished


Personal Standards are only visible to you and other co-teachers in your class. School & District Edition Teachers who want standards to be used by other teachers, please talk to your domain administrator about creating them at the domain level.  Be sure to check out this article about Domain Standards.