Q. How do I add Standards to my class? 

A. To incorporate Standards-Based Grading, you must choose a set of Standards to be tracked in your class. Here's how! 

  1. Click on the Manage Class drop-down menu.


  2. Select Standards from the menu.  This should display a list of any standards you already track in your class.
  3. Click the Select Standards button to get started!  The menu will present a list of any Personal or Domain standards you have access to use. 


  4. Select any standards you would like to be able to grade in your class by hitting the Add button next to the each Standard.


  5. Don't see any Standards? Speak with your Domain Administrator for Domain Standards, select Create Standard to create Personal standards, or read more on what standards to use in your class.
  6. Once you are done, you can close the window or hit the Back button, and your standards will appear in your Standards-Based Gradebook.

Hint: Now when you create any new gradeable item (whether it's a Discussion, Assessment, Assignment, Wikiproject, or Activity) you can click within the field titled Related Standards and these standards will be available for you to use.  Be sure to check out our article about How can I associate standards with Assignments, Assesments, Discussions, etc in a class!

New to Standards-Based Grading? Check out our Introduction to Standards-Based Grading and our Standards-Based Grading FAQ!