How can Parents and Students see Standards-Based grades in a Class?

  1. As a Parent or Student, how can I view Standards-Based Gradesfor my class? 
  2. You can view the Standards-Based Gradebook for a class through the Gradesbooksarea of the Grades tab by selecting to view Standards-Based Grades.

Please note: This feature is only available to School & District Edition accounts at this time. 

View your Standards-Based Grades

To view the Standards-Based Grades associated with a class, first go to the Class, then select the Grades tab, and open the Gradebooks area. Select Standards-Based Grades from the Gradebooks drop-down menu.


This will bring you to the Standards-Based Gradebook for your class, complete with a chart of graded Standards associated with the class, recent Feedback and scores (on the right!), and the Mastery level and score indication for each Standard.


Select any individual Standard to view additional details.  This will include the standard name and description, and any scores you've received in relation to that standard grouped by assignment, assessment, or other gradeable activity. If your Teacher has left a comment for an assessment of that Standard you can see this here as well, in grey in the assessment's box for the Standard. Notice that you can also see the scale super-imposed on top of the bar graph. Hover over the question mark icon to learn more about what each level of mastery means.


For additional information on Standards-Based Grading in PowerSchool Learning, check out these great resources: 

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