Q: How can I add standards to, or remove standards from, a Grading Period in my Standards-Based Gradebook? 

A: There are three ways to Add a Standard and two ways to Remove a Standard from any Grading Period

Adding A Standard

Option 1: Filter your Standards-Based Gradebook by a Grading Period using the Show menu in the upper-right corner of your Gradebooks area. 


Select the green '+' button labeled "Add Standard" then type the standard you want to add to that Grading Period.


Option 2: Add a Standard through the Manage Gradebook menu by selecting Edit Term Standards.  


Click "Select Standards."  


You will see a list of all the standards currently being tracked in your class.  Select the standards that you want to grade during this Grading Period.



Option 3: Add a standard by creating a gradable activity (Assignment, Discussion, WikiProject, etc.) and adding a standard there.  When you choose which Grading Period to which you would like the activity to belong, these standards will automatically display in that Grading Period in your Standards-Based Gradebook. 



Remove A Standard

Option 1: Filter the Gradebook to the Grading Period you want to edit. 


Click the down arrow on the column header for the standard you'd like to remove.

Then select "Remove from Grading Period."


Option 2: Remove a standard through the Manage Gradebook menu by selecting Edit Term Standards. 


Click Select Standards.


Click the Trash Can icon next to any standards that you do not want to track during this Grading Period.  (Note: This will only remove the standard from this Grading Period, not the class.  If you want to remove the standard from the class, go to the Standards area of the Manage Class menu.)



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