Q:  I sign on to PowerSchool Learning through Single Sign-On with a third-party authentication account. If I sign out of PowerSchool, will it sign me out of that account?

A:  If your school uses SSO (Single Sign-On) with a third-party authentication system, when you log out of PowerSchool Learning the expected behavior is for you not to be signed out of your third-party account.

(This is the same as what happens when you sign out of a PowerSchool Learning account connected with Google Apps. See this article for information on what happens when you sign out of a G Suite SSO account.)

If you log out of your third-party account, you also will not, as expected behavior, be signed out of PowerSchool Learning. Most third-party SSO connections do not support single sign-off at this time, so you'll need to sign out of each account separately. To be safe, it's generally best to make sure you log out of PowerSchool when you're finished. Otherwise, someone using the same computer might stumble into your account by accident, especially if they access PowerSchool through SSO.