Q: How do I annotate student work using the Assignment Annotator in PowerSchool Learning?


A: You can annotate handed-in Assignments using our annotator service, Moxtra. Moxtra is built into the Assignment Annotator so you never have to leave PowerSchool Learning!


Please note: This feature is only available to School & District Edition accounts at this time.


Inside of an Assignment, you can click on a file. If the file is supported by Moxtra, you will be able to annotate the file in PowerSchool Learning using the Moxtra annotation tools (by selecting the file name or the Annotate button) or download the file as you wish. 




When you open the document, you will see a number of tools available to you on the righthand side of your document.






Using these tools, you can annotate student work prior to returning it to the student.





If your student has turned in multiple files that can be annotated within in the same submission, you will be able to toggle between them underneath the Assignment Details area:





If your student has turned in other files for this assignment outside of this submission*, you will be also be notified, and can jump to those submissions if you wish:




*Note: The Assignment Annotator defaults to the most recent submission for a given student. 


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