Using Automatic Imports pushed to PowerSchool Learning via SFTP

Q: How can I use SFTP to automatically import CSV files to PowerSchool Learning?


A: You can schedule a server on your network to push the import files to the PowerSchool Learning SFTP server.


If you are importing content into PowerSchool Learning from an SIS you can automate your imports by scheduling an upload to our server. Imports will be pulled from our server into your domain twice a day: once at 4:30 AM EST, and once at 5:30 PM EST. If an file is not present, then no import will run.


There are a few things you need to do before you can setup this automation.


Getting Started


First, you need to automate the export process from your SIS system. This process will vary from program to program, and may not be possible for all programs.


Second, you will need to ask PowerSchool Learning Support to set up an SFTP account for you by submitting a support case. We use an IP restriction to secure our SFTP server, so you will need to provide us with the IP Address of the server that you will be using to upload your import. You can find your IP Address by going to the following url from your server.


The setup and configuration of the automation is different based on the Operating System on your server. Find your server OS below for the appropriate instructions.



Windows servers do not have built in suport for SFTP connections, or for zipping files from the command line, so you will need to download third party tools to automate this process. To stay organized, place all scripts and executables related to your automated import process in a single directory. We'll refer to this directory as your PowerSchool Learning SFTP directory.


Make sure you use Notepad to create the scripts below. Programs like Microsoft Word will add extra formatting that will keep these scripts from running.


1. Download the necessary programs for zipping and uploading your files to your PowerSchool Learning SFTP directory.



2. Unzip the 7zip archive and place the 7za.exe file in the PowerSchool Learning SFTP directory.

3. Create a new file in Notepad, and paste the following line into the document. Save the file in your SFTP Directory with the name 'sftp.scr'




4. Create a new file in Notepad, and paste the following lines into the document, inserting your username, password, and the correct directory information. Save the file in your SFTP directory with the name 'haiku_import.bat'


cd c:\Your\SFTP\Directory
7za.exe a -tzip C:\Location\of\your\Import\Files\*
psftp [username] -pw [password] -b sftp.scr


5. Schedule the automated upload.


Go to Start : Programs : Accessories : System Tools : Schedule Tasks 
Click "Add Scheduled Task"
Click Next
Click Browse
Find your haiku_import.bat file and select it
Choose Perform Task: Daily, and Click Next
Set the Start Time
Check the box for Every Day
Set Start date to today and Click Next
Enter User Name, Password & Confirm, and Click Next
Click Finish