How do I give a co-teacher or teammate access to my PowerSchool Learning class?


Q: I share my PowerSchool Learning class with a teammate. I would like for her to be able to post content, etc. to the class using her own log account. How can I set this up?

A: If your teammate or co-teacher has an account in the PowerSchool Learning system already, adding them is easy.  If they do not have an account make sure they create one first, or have your administrator create one for them if your school is using PowerSchool Learning.

To add him/her as a co-teacher in your class, click on Manage Class and then select Edit Roster.  


In the Roster window, click on the "Teacher" tab and then click on the Add Teacher button. You can search for your co-teacher's account and add him/her as a teacher to your class.


Once you and your partner are co-teachers in the class, s/he will have full teacher rights in the class, so you could each log in as yourselves and do everything you would need to to run the class. You can add as many co-teachers as you would like.

*Note: a co-teacher can add, create, delete, and edit content, exactly the same as you can. The only thing that a co-teacher cannot do is delete the class.

Because you and your co-teacher(s) both have rights to create the class class and can potentially be manipulating content at the exact same time, it may be important to coordinate who is working on what part of the class so that there aren't accidental deletions, duplicate work, etc.