How Can I Embed Content From Other Sites Using Embed the Web?

Q. How can I embed outside content into my class? 

A. The Embed the Web™ feature is designed to allow teachers to use interactive content from other web services inside their classroom environment, which allows students to easily access information/resources in a contained and focused way.
Embeddable services available through PowerSchool Learning include VimeoSlideshare, Google DocsPreziVoki and hundreds more!

Adding an Embed the Web Block


  1. Click on the Add Content Block button inside your class on the page in which you would like to embed something.
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  2. Select Embed the Web™ option from the list of available content block types.

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  3. Browse the Embed the Web library by searching for your favorite app. Embeddable services are divided into categories based on their function (e.g. chat, maps, online documents, etc.). Search for tools by Category, Name, or by scrolling through the All listing!

    2016-09-27 10_35_06-000211.jpg

    *Hint: If you already have your embed code ready, just paste it into the "paste your code here" box and hit Next!

  4. Select any application, then use the View Site button to be taken to that third-party service.

    2016-09-27 10_37_00-000212.jpg
  5.  Once you have your embed code, select I'm ready to paste, paste the code, and hit Next.

    2016-09-27 10_44_26-000213.jpg
  6. Give your content block a Title and Description.  And remember, you can revisit or edit your embed code at any time through the View Code area of the block editing screen.

      2016-09-27 10_46_13-000214.jpg
  7. When you are finished, click the Save button.  And that's it! 

Looking to embed a site that does not offer an embed code?  We can help! Embedding a block using HTTP urls, and seeing a white block instead?  Make sure to check for a mixed-content warning.  
Don't see your favorite embeddable application in our library?  Suggest that we add it through the Help tab!
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