How Can I Add a YouTube Video To My Class?

Q. How can I upload a YouTube video into my class?


A. You can upload a video through Embed the Web. We have outlined how you can do this task below:


Log into PowerSchool Learning/Unified Classroom Class Pages 

  1. Select a Class Page
  2. Navigate to the + Add Content Block
  3. Select Embed the Web




  1. Go to the desired YouTube video and select the "Share" button.
  2. Select the Embed Option on YouTube



  1. Copy/Paste Embed code into PowerSchool Learning 



YouTube and Embed the Web™

You can embed a YouTube video using the Embed the Web™ feature. While it isn't as simple as just pasting in the link (you actually have to grab the embed code from YouTube's site by clicking first "Share" and then "Embed" (button next to the link), but you do have the flexibility to customize the height and width of the video if you go this route.


New Release has updated the Youtube button to display the following:



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