Q: How do I create a Class Schedule for my domain? What if teachers have already created their own schedules but I want them to switch to the school-wide one instead? I want to use Trimesters, and I can't figure out how!

A: First, let's solve the problem of creating a domain-wide Class Schedule as a Domain Administrator, using the example of Trimesters.

Go to the domain control and click on the Organizations tab. Find the organization or sub-organization for which you would like to add a schedule, and click on the information icon next to the organization (the blue circle with the white letter "i"). This will bring up a detail view of the organization or sub-organization.


Click on the Class Schedules tab.


Then click "Add Schedule."


Select the "Custom" Schedule option on the left. In the case of trimesters, you would select 1 Term and 3 Grading Periods. Then click "Next."


Next, you will be able to rename your Grading Period categories if you wish and set the dates for each trimester.


When you are finished, press the "Save" Button and your schedule will be saved to your organization's class schedules.

But what if your teachers are already using a schedule, and I want them to switch? How do I get them to switch over, and will it mess up their existing Gradebooks?

Teachers can voluntarily move to the new schedule by going to the Manage Class menu and selecting Class Settings. (There is no way to force a teacher to switch to a schedule after their class is already set up.)


Under Class Settings, select the Class Schedule tab and click on the Switch to another schedule button.


Find your schedule under the "Choose a Schedule" menu and click "Save."


What are the implications for switching to a new schedule mid term?

When a new Class Schedule is applied to a Gradebook, all items will be re-assigned to the new appropriate Grading Period based on date. All Subtotal scores will be recalculated.

Teachers can append Comments, Notes-to-self, and override a Subtotal Score for particular Grading Periods and Terms. Switching to a new Schedule will cause those Grading Period and Term Comments, Notes-to-self, and any overridden Subtotals to be lost.

Changing the Schedule for a Gradebook will not affect Comments and Notes-to-self attached to an individual Gradebook item or score.

Read this article for more details on what happens to a Gradebook when a class schedule is changed.