How do I change the Domain Theme for my school?


Q. I am an administrator and I would like to change the look of the Portal and default class Themeso that all of our teachers will have the same look when they begin their classes this year.


A. You can control what Theme your teachers and students see in their Portal by setting a Site Default Theme. You can also set a Class Default Theme as well.


Setting an Organization's Default Site Theme:


  1. Sign in with your admin account.
  2. From the Domain Control, go to the Themes tab, under the More menu.
  3. Click on View by: Organization.



  4. Select the name of the Organization you'd like to theme. 




5. Click on the menu of the Theme you want and click Set as Site Default. (Note: You can also create a new Theme by clicking the Add Theme button if you'd like to create a new Theme for your organization.)



All users in this organization will see this Theme on their Portal, and Teachers will see it in their My Classes area. Domain Administrators will also see this theme in the Domain Control.





Setting an Organizations Default Class Theme:

  1. Sign in with your Domain Administrator account.
  2. From the Domain Control, go to the Themes tab, under the More menu.
  3. Select View by: Organization.
  4. Click on the name of the organization for which you'd like to specify a default Class Theme.
  5. Open the down-arrow menu for the theme you'd like to select, and click Set as Class Default.



Any new class created in this organization after you set the Class Default will start out with your default Theme.


*Please Note: Setting a Class Default at the domain level after a class has been created will not retroactively change existing class Themes.