How Can I Control the Class Visibility Settings for my Domain?

Q. How can I control what Class Visibility settings are in place as the default for classes created in my domain? Can I prevent teachers from making classes visible to everyone on the web?


A. You can adjust the default Class Visibility settings for your domain through the Domain Control area by selecting Manage Domain > Domain Settings, then navigating to the Classes tab.



Adjusting your Class Visibility Default Settings


Please note: These settings are defaults. Adjusting the default setting for your domain will not adjust the setting for previously-created classes. Teachers can always modify these settings in their own classes on a per-class basis.


To adjust the setting that will be applied to all newly-created classes, use the Gear Icon to open the Manage Domain menu, and select Settings.

2016-10-11 13_10_32-PowerSchool Learning Domain Control Center.png


From the Classes tab, use the New classes will be visible to drop-down menu to select from the following options: 

2016-10-11 13_11_27-PowerSchool Learning Domain Control Center.png


  • Only people in the Class Roster: Only logged-in users who are enrolled in the roster will have access to view any area of the class. Users browsing to a Page or other area of the class will be presented with a login prompt instead of the desired page. After logging in, they will be taken to the appropriate area of the class.
  • All people in the Organization of the Class: All logged-in Students, Parents and Teachers associated with the Organization of the class will have access to view the class as a *Guest if they have been provided the class URL.
  • All people in [Your PowerSchool Learning Domain]: All logged-in Students, Parents and Teachers in your domain will have access to view the class as a *Guest if they have been provided the class URL.
  • Anyone on the web: Anyone can navigate to and view this class as a *Guest without logging into your domain if they have been provided the class URL. 

    * Guests can view Page Content, the Calendar, and descriptions only of basic class features such as Announcements, Assessments, Assignments and Discussions. Guests will never be able to see Grades, handed-in assignments, Discussion Posts or Roster information for a class.


If you have added Parents to your PowerSchoolLearning domain, use the Allow Parents in Rosters option to enable Parents in newly-created classes by default. 

2016-10-11 13_38_17-PowerSchool Learning Domain Control Center.png



Enabling Teachers to Make Classes Publicly Visible


Navigate to the Class Customization Options area of the Domain Settings menu. Checking the box labeled Allow Teachers to make classes publicly visible will allow Teachers to make their classes visible to Anyone on the web.


2016-10-11 13_38_42-PowerSchool Learning Domain Control Center.png


If unchecked, teachers will not have the option to make their classes publicly available.


Important Note! Unchecking this option after Public classes have been created in your domain will retroactively change the visibility setting for all public classes from "Anyone on the Web" to "Anyone in [Your PowerSchool Learning Domain]." This change cannot be undone.