How do I manage which Sections of my Roster are assigned to each Page?


How can I quickly manage which Sections of my Roster are able to view the Pages in my class?


If your class has Roster Sections, you can see which Sections have access to which Pages inside the Organize Pages view.


Here's how you can quickly adjust which Roster Sections will be able to view Pages within your Class:

  1. Choose the Organize Pages icon button, next to the Add Page button.


  2. Each Page row lists the Section(s) that has access to the Page.


  3. Clicking on the Sections button on the righthand-side of each Page row will let you adjust which Sections have access to the Pages. 


    Pro-tip: Want to revert a change that you've made to a Class Page, but can't quite remember what it was before? Move your cursor over the Sections identifier for that Page to reveal the Original settings and a summary of the changes!

  4. Once you're done making your changes, click the Apply button to save your changes

The words "From subpages" will appear in the Sections info bubble on any "parent" Page (i.e. Pages containing subpages.)
This indicates which Sections are able to view the subpages of that parent Page, and your ability to adjust the Sections for the parent Page will vary accordingly.


For example, you cannot give only Section B access to a parent page if “All” Sections have access to a subpage.


If you add or remove a Section from a Page, headings will appear in the info bubble to let you know which Sections you've added or removed during your current edit.


When you're finished with all of your edits, select Apply to save the changes. Your changes will be reflected in the menu on the left side of your classes.


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