How do I undo or revoke a Badge I awarded?



How do I undo or revoke a Badge I awarded?




Everyone makes mistakes! If you happen to award a Badge to a student accidentally, you can use the built-in Undo option to stop a Badge from being awarded immediately after you awarded it. (If you have access to view your students' Profiles, you can also Revoke a Badge for up to 30 minutes after you have awarded it from the Profile itself.)


Undo Awarding a Badge

To Undo the awarding of a Badge, select the Undo option in the confirmation screen that pops up immediately after awarding a Badge.




Revoking a Badge

We don't encourage revoking Badges after they have been awarded, but we acknowledge that we all make mistakes. If you need to revoke a Badge, and you miss the opportunity to use the Undooption, you will have 30 minutes after awarding a Badge to revoke it from the student, if you have access to that student's Profile.

To revoke a Badge, you will have to go to the student's Profile.

1. You can access a student's Profile anywhere you can see his or her avatar. Hover over the avatar and then click on the student's name as it appears in the Popup Box. (If nothing happens when you click the link, that means that you don't have access to view the student's Profile, and will not be able to revoke the Badge.)



2. Now click on the Badge you have awarded to your student.


3. Select the Revoke Badge option.


4. PowerSchool Learning will confirm that you truly want to revoke this Badge. If you do, select OK.



Note: If students have opted for instant notifications when they have been awarded a Badge, and you revoke the Badge after the fact, the student may still receive a notification letting them know that they received the Badge. (Students will not receive a notification letting them know a Badgewas revoked.)