Why does PowerSchool Learning warn me against making an Assessment a draft?


Why does PowerSchool Learning warn me against making an assessment a draft?


Making an assessment a draft can very problematic. If your students have already taken an assessment, and you then select Make Draft, you will lose all student assessment results for that assessment. This includes losing student responses, class question statistics, and assessment scores. 


Why does making an assessment a draft delete my students' answers?


Making an assessment a draft means that the assessment is once again fully editable by the teacher.

This means the teacher can add questions to, or remove questions from, the assessment. If PowerSchool Learning permitted these actions--adding/removing questions--after a student had already taken the assessment, the integrity of the student's attempt would be violated. The scores for the students that already took the assessment could no longer be valid, because there would either be new questions that hadn't previously existed in that assessment, or questions that they had answered would have been removed. 


Instead, we do not allow assessments to be edited this way after a student has taken the assessment. If the teacher unpublishes the assessment, they lose the student answers. 


PowerSchool Learning cannot recover student assessment data when assessments have been turned into drafts. 


If making an assessment a draft is so problematic, why does PowerSchool Learning allow it at all?


We have discussed removing this ability for teachers when assessments contain student results. However, there are a few reasons we still allow this. Right now, there isn't a way to create a copy of an assessment in the same class. This is something we will allow down the road. 


We are also looking into creating an Archived tab, where teachers can archive assessments that have already been taken so that they are out of the assessment listing (out of student view). 


Until we add both of these features in, it seems that there are enough cases where teachers need the Make Draft option that we do not want to take it away at this point.