How do I create an Assessment in PowerSchool Learning?


How do I create an exam, quiz, test, practice, or other sort of Assessment?


You can create an Assessment in Exam or Practice format through the Assessments area of the Activities tab.  Just hit Add Assessment to get started!

Creating an Assessment

Adding Questions

Organizing your Assessment

Publishing your Assessment

Creating an Assessment


  1. To create an Assessment, either click on the Activities tab or click on the Add Content Blockbutton on any of your pages and choose Assessment under the Messages & Activities tab.

  2. Select Add Assessment.


  3. Choose whether you would like to create an Exam or a Practice, then hit Next

  4. Add your Exam Title, Description of the Assessment and how many points your Assessment will be worth in your Gradebook*, then click Next.

  5. Adjust the Time Limit & Attempts and Optional Settings areas to set specific restrictions on content protection, time limit, and more. Then, hit Finish!

    !!! Please note, that if the Assessment consists of an essay question that Students are meant to spend 2 hours or more on, that PowerSchool Learning has an inactivity time out after 2 hours, and the Student needs to click a button outside the reply box in order for activity to register. So in this case, in order to avoid loss of Student work, we recommend to put an extra "check in/save" question (worth 0 points) in  as well, so the Student can click on this extra question to make sure that the main essay is saved.

Adding Questions to your Assessment

  1. Begin to add questions to your Assessment by clicking the Add Question button.

  2. Chose which type of question you'd like to add: 


  3. Fill in the Question and Answer Choices for your question:


  4.  Hit Finish to save your question and add it to your Assessment, or Finish & add Another to continuing adding more of the same type of question. 

!!! Please note, to make sure that the Students when taking the Assessment are clicking OK after each question and clicking "I've finished" at the end of the Assessment. Just "x-ing" out of the Assessment window when they're done may cause answers to not being registered properly.



 Organizing your Assessment

  • Sections: Use the Add Section button to organize your Assessment into sections such as by question type, subject area, point value, etc.
  • Drag and Drop: To quickly move questions around in your Assessment, just grab onto the grey bar on the left side of the question, and drag your question into place.  
  • EZ Arrange:Select the EZ Arrange Questions button to temporarily condense questions to just their Description, making it easier to drag and drop them quickly anywhere in you need them.  Click the button again to un-shrink your questions. 
  • Organize Sections: Use the Organize Sections button (arrow icon with three small line) to condense Sections to just the Section Title. Then, drag and drop to rearrange sections question.  To make your questions re-appear, just select the button again.


 Publishing your Assessment

  1. To Publish an Assessment to Students, select Publish from the Manage Assessment menu.  If you are not ready to make the test active yet, you can always leave your Assessment a Draft.

  2. You will have the option to Publish Assessment to all sections and decide when students can take the assessment (Anytime, a set time frame, or only with a Password).


  3. Uncheck Publish Assessment to all sections to choose one or a sub-set of Roster Sections, as well as to choose different Start and End dates by section. 


  • To Preview your Assessment, select Preview from the Manage Assessment menu. From here you can also take the Assessment as if you were a student. 



If you would like your Assessment to appear in your Gradebook and you have not yet created a Gradebook, check out our article on Setting Up A Gradebook for information on how to get started!