How do I attach a file to my Assessment response?


How do I add a file to my Assessment response? 


Attaching a file to an assessment answer is a great way to support your response with additional research, evidence, or supporting documentation.  You can add a file to your response from your computer or the web through the Link button, located in the text editor area.

Attaching a file to your Assessment Response

1. Navigate to the short answer or essay question on your Assessment. 

2. To access the Link option, click on the More button in the text editor.




3. Select the Link button.




4. Select how you would like to access your file: Website or File (from your computer).




5. Choose a file you would like to attach to your Assessment response, or drag and drop the file into the given area. 

6. Your file is now uploaded into your Assessment answer.  You can also add text to your answer.





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