What should I use for my school's Standards?



What should I use for my school's Standards?



Usually, your school's Standards will be drawn from state standards or some other form of official curriculum.

The terminology used in PowerSchool Learning may be different from the terminology used in your curriculum. For instance, your curriculum might break general standards down into specific benchmarks, objectives, criteria, or indicators.

There are two ways to approach this in the Standards-Based Gradebook:

  • Have each Standard correspond to a specific learning goal.
  • Have each Standard correspond to a group of learning goals, then include the details on those learning goals in the Description.

It's not currently possible to group Standards together in the Standards-Based Gradebook, though you can include dot notation in the Nickname field to make it easier to understand the relationships among Standards.

For more advice on configuring Standards-Based Grading for your domain, check out our SBG Starter Kit for Admins.

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