How do I edit the Scales for Standards-based Grading in my domain?



How do I edit the Scales for Standards-based Grading in my domain?




Domain Administrators can select the Scales available to each Organization through theApplications tab of the Domain Control by selecting Settings next to the Standards-Based Grading feature.




Add a Scale

Domain Administrators can create Scales for Standards-Based Grading and assign them to Organizations.

To create a Scale, go to the Scales tab and click on Add Scale.



Edit a Scale

To edit an existing Scale, click on the gear icon next to a Scale. You’ll see an option to Edit, Copy, or Delete Scale.

Note: The Delete Scale option will not be available if the Scale is in use.





You can designate the Scales available to each Organization by clicking on the Manage Organization gear icon, and selecting Update Scales.




You’ll see the option to Enable Scales for that Organization and set one as a Default.




Click Save to apply changes.

For more advice on how to get started with Standards-Based Grading, check out our SBG Starter Kit for Admins.