How do I create new Standards as a Domain Administrator?



 How do I create new Standards as a Domain Administrator?




Domain Administrators can create new Standards and make them available to the entire domain or individual organizations through the Standards tab of the Domain Control area. Depending on your domain's settings, teachers may also be able to create Personal Standards that are only available to them. Be sure to check our articles on Personal Standards and Importing Standards, for more information!

New to Standards-Based Grading? Check out our Intro to Standards-Based Grading and our SBG Starter Kit for Admins.

Creating new Standards

You can create new Domain Standards manually or you can import Standards for your domain. Here's how to create Standards manually:

  1. Go to the Domain Control
  2. Navigate to the Standards tab
  3. Click the Create Standard button to get started!


  4. Enter details about your new Standard
    • Standard Name
    • Description: describe what this standard measures.  This description will be visible to students and parents, so it's a great place to help them understand what the concept is about.
    • Access: Choose which Organization(s) should have access to this standard.

  5. Click Save and Add Another to keep going, or just Save if you are done.
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