Case Portal: Manage Your Cases

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Case Portal: Manage Your Cases

Community Manager

When you navigate to the Case Portal, you will see cases that you have created in the default Manage Cases view.


You can choose your Manage Cases view by selecting the Case View menu and selecting Open, Resolved, or Organization-wide cases.


Screenshot illustrating how to manage casesScreenshot illustrating how to manage cases


  • You'll see your cases listed with the following information ID, Title, Status, Created, Last Modified, Priority, Account, Owner, and Origin. 


  • You will also see options to Sort and Search:
    • Search: Enter a value in the box in each column to search and narrow down your results
    • Sort: Sort ascending or descending values by clicking on the up and down arrows




  • You can also export your case in a CSV file. This will allow you to search, sort, filter your cases inside your preferred spreadsheet software.


image (177).png



  • To view Case Details, click on the Title of the case to view. You can add comments or additional attachments in this view, and it will update your case. Once the case has been closed, you should be able to view the case Conclusion below the Description field.


image (175).png


If you have additional questions, please reach out to our team through our Technical Contact Forum.




Case Status Definitions


  • New: The case has been recently created and will be assigned to an engineer shortly.
  • In Progress/Pending Investigation: An engineer has taken ownership of the case and reviewing the information provided.
  • Pending Close: The resolution has been provided and awaiting confirmation from the customer before closing.
  • Reported to Dev: The engineer has gathered information and escalated this to Developers to be reviewed.
  • Response Received: The customer has responded to the case and awaiting the engineer to review and reply.
  • Resolution Provided: The engineer has provided a resolution.
  • Waiting on Reply: The engineer has replied to the case and awaiting further information from the customer.